Bulk Tungsten

We are now offering a variety of 500 & 1,000 count packs of tungsten beads. If you're looking for 25 packs you can shop those HERE

1. Our beads are high purity (97% tungsten) and our slotted beads feature a small rectangular eyelet (Small Eyelet = Heavier Beads). If you prefer to undersize your slotted beads on extra heavy wire hooks you may have issues. 

2. PRE-ORDER: Please Expect 7-10 Business days before your order will be ready to ship.

3. We stock bulk 500 packs. Menu is updated weekly. Click the link below to see our current inventory. 

If you have questions or would like samples before ordering please email tom@boomboxflies.com or call the office at (585) 531-4126. Thanks!