Euro Session Pack

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D E S I G N  

  • The new euro session packs feature a complete range of tungsten nymphs for modern nymphing techniques from super fast sinking anchor patterns (Euro Buggers, CDC Pheasant Tails, Hot Tag Caddis Jigs, Sexy CDC Walts, & Brushed Euro Jigs) plus a deep selection of Hot Collar, Dark Collar & Purple Ice Frenchie Jigs, Midge Perdigons, & Baetis Perdigons. 

  • Size & Bead Range: #10-4mm, #12-4mm, #14-3.5mm, #16-3mm


  • 51 Fly Count Tungsten Euro Nymph Collection Tied in the USA

  • All flies are tied on premium quality barbless hooks (We only use HANAK & Fullingmill) and feature a high purity tungsten beadhead (97%)

  • Flies come fully installed in a BDL Slim Fly Box with our Mixtape Vinyl Sticker

  • Price includes Free USPS Shipping (2-3 Day)

  • Collections are tied to order. Please expect a minimum of 6-8 weeks for your order to ship. 


  • 3 Brushed Euro Buggers (Minnow Grey) #10
  • 3 Brushed Euro Buggers (Dark Leech) #10
  • 3 Brushed Euro Buggers (Dirty Olive) #10
  • 3 Hot Tag CDC Pheasant Tail Jigs #12
  • 3 CDC Sexy Walts Jigs #12
  • 3 Spike Dub Caddis Jigs with Chartreuse Tag #12
  • 5 Burnt Amber & Claret Caddis Jigs #12
  • 3 Smokey Grey & Rich Olive Caddis Jigs #12
  • 3 Dirty Olive & Claret Caddis Jigs #12
  • 4 Hot Orange UV Dub Frenchie Jigs #14
  • 3 Darth Baetis Frenchie Jigs #14
  • 4 Silver & Purple Ice Frenchie Jigs #14
  • 4 Classic Midge Perdigon #16
  • 3 Hot Collar Tinsel Baetis Perdigon#16
  • 4 Light Olive Perdigons with Classic Rib #16


Quality Guarantee

I work very hard to offer my clients professionally tied flies that are of premium quality & absolutely guarantee that you will be happy with any of my patterns. If for any reason you are not satisfied I will mail you a return shipping label and issue a full refund, no questions asked.

If you need more info or have questions please feel free to call my office in Naples, NY at (585) 531-4126 or email me at


- Tom Lankheet